Parents and their children testify

Thank you so much for your fantastic work. This book of colorful memories is truly wonderful, we love it and spend hours leafing through the pages and commenting on it! Isilde is happy!

This one it was at grandma's, this one it was for you, this one it was with Charlotte, she doesn't stop reliving these attractive moments!

Bravo for this beautiful idea which brings us so much happiness!

See you soon for a next order.

Valerie, Isilde's mum

We offered these albums to our children. It was a wonderful moment. They look at them all the time!

By looking at his album of drawings, mixed with his class pictures, Baptiste felt again in love of a school friend from the nursery school … He wrote her a letter and made a gift. Adorable!

Anne-Caroline, Baptiste, Marine et Elise's mum

A priceless gift for our children!

Thank you for this wonderful album!

Antoine, Marine's dad

I gave them both their own book! And they remembered their drawings on the cover of each book straight away  "mom that's my drawing" ! Their first reaction with wide eyed astonishment!

Then, both opened their book and their faces literally changed ... smiling, cringing then laughing ... then they said:

"Mom how you did you manage to put all our drawings inside? There's even big paintings!"

Then after I explained: "mum you're totally amazing, you are a magician! I am going to keep it all my life"

My kids are thrilled and I I was as moved as they were. Thank you just for letting me share this moment with my children.

Flora, Maëlane et Mathys' mum

Kimya was smiling, moved, she didn't remember some drawings (soon eight years old and drawings were from the nursery school). She remembered her memories and in which circumstances she made the most recent drawings.

She didn't enjoy her drawings from nursery school and admits her evolution since. She's proud of her now.

She said: "thank you, really I'm very happy, it reminds me memories, I am going to keep him all my life"

Thank you for this work.

Frédérique, Kimya's mum

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