How were born LES DOUCES MINES?

LES DOUCES MINES was born one winter evening.

A busy mum, I had FINALLY found the courage, strength and motivation to... TIDY THAT CUPBOARD in the dining room....

That evening, I (re)discovered 4 shelves overflowing with our two daughters’ drawings. Exasperated yet filled with a wave of nostalgia, all I could think was: what do I do with all of this? How can I get my shelves back? Throw it all away? No. If it was that easy, these shelves would have been empty a long time ago.

Tidy it all away in boxes? File everything away in folders or plastic sleeves? Argh.... I didn't have the time or the energy for that level of organisation... And the bin was starting to look like a tempting option… But when I finally looked through them, all the emotions and memories especially came flooding back. I was holding precious family treasures. All these pictures and creations show their development and emotions, marking the beginning of their stories. THEIR stories, of which they are the authors as well as the stars.

Can you think of a more lovely way to make your kids proud of themselves and their stories than by immortalising their artwork in beautiful personalised books?

A goldmine of memories…


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